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Let’s restart the blogging journey. Feels like eons since I’ve written anything for myself. It’s been a long journey to finally reach and get focused on my blog. Hello World! I’m Ashish Chawla. A full-stack engineer, an upcoming cyclist (the second that I’ve practiced hobby in lockdown), a blogger – technically, being one now.

Over these past years ever since college, my attempts of creating a blog have failed consistently due to other projects, internships, or any other commitments and now finally, I’m back to it. Feels like coming back home. Now I am here to commit to myself and publicly of being consistent with this venture. This journey has been a roller-coaster ride and still continues to be that way, so there are lots and lots of stories, learnings, and experiences I am here to share with you all. So, sit tight and have fun reading this stuff.

So here’s what you are up for. I’m starting off with 4 categories, I am sure there’s a lot more than that. But hey, it’ll be added over time as and when their need would arise. Now, without making this a bit awkward between us, closing off for tonight! Just a new friend of yours has come to say Hi!

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Making Choices - the ashiton · July 13, 2021 at 12:59 am

[…] life, we’ve already talked about – lifestyle, relationships and emotions. As I mentioned in my first blog, we’ll explore more topics as and when time deems fit, so here we are. It’s about time we talk […]

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