Choices and Emotions

We, humans, are social animals, we work our things out with either of two approaches, a practical one or an emotional one. Let me bring up some good and bad of both the approaches so that you are as familiar with the spectrum of choices as I am. Let’s start with practical choices and how they can go completely right or wrong.

Mental rut & how to escape it?

Have you ever felt like your life is just passing by? Days after days, nights after night, just that same old monotonous life going on. You feel burned out for no reason, and lazy or slow and just want to let life pass by… that state of mental being is called “Rut”. Yes, you read it right, Rut, not rot. Now I know you have quite a few questions, seeing this new term popping up in your life, which probably has some connection to your life, or maybe is part of your life. So, here we go about with it, as we do with another person we see in life, let’s know it, judge it, and decide for ourselves what to do about it.

the Solitude

Solitude or state of being with oneself. There’s a solid difference between being with oneself AND being lonely. I am not talking about loneliness. The main difference is loneliness comes from a standpoint of sorrow, or sadness. But being with oneself, or being alone, comes from a point of being at peace with oneself.