the Solitude

Solitude or state of being with oneself. Thereโ€™s a solid difference between being with oneself AND being lonely. I am not talking about loneliness. The main difference is loneliness comes from a standpoint of sorrow, or sadness. But being with oneself, or being alone, comes from a point of being at peace with oneself.

Peace of Mind in 2021?

In this scenario, how would you find Peace of mind? I mean itโ€™s too much to handle right? So, how do we deal with it? First of all, I would like to mention, every mind operates in a different fashion, what works for me, might help you or might not even work for you.

Accepting Emotions

We all are emotional beings, nothing you do or say can ever change that. As humans, we are born out of emotions and the funny thing is, even though we are born with them, it takes years, decades, and sometimes the whole life to understand and accept them.