Lack of Skill Or Lack of Will?

very one of us has dreams, lots of dreams. Buy your favourite car, travel to your favourite place, do the work you love, etc. I understand that there are hiccups on the way to getting what you want in life. Of course, there will be. That’s the part of life. You won’t be getting your dreams fulfilled in a day or two just by sitting on the couch watching Netflix. That is just wishful dreaming.

Lazying around…

Lately, I’ve been very lazy and keep pushing off the tasks from my task list unless and until the very task is on my neck. And that happened yesterday, later on, I realised I’ve been procrastinating a lot, this led me to find out more about this. What is Procrastination? I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of this word before. Let’s now look into this bit more effectively, okay?

Making Choices

Every day, we face different situations in life that require us to make choices. Some straightforward as to which road to pick for work seeing the traffic. While other choices are difficult to take. Choices are in all walks of life, be it careers, social life, relationships, etc. Here’s where decision making comes into the picture. Making choices in other words is known as decision making. Our choices define us and the direction our life will head once taken.