Getting Back to Real Life

Hello friend, how have you been these days? I’ve been pretty lazy, to be honest. Scrolling through social apps like Instagram and Twitter has been kinda my jam. Swiping up reels is so fun, it’s totally time-passing thing. The thing which I realised later and started to do research on was, we are so much hooked to social apps these days that we don’t realise how it is affecting us mentally.


Unlearn, the dictionary meaning of the term is to discard something, that’s previously learned from one’s memory. In a way, it’s the art of letting go of old knowledge, information, or habits to make room for new ideas and learning new skills which will help us in the future.


Dreams!? Okay, now what’s there to talk about dreams? Trust me, there’s a lot! Dreams are stories, movies, tv series or whatever you’ll like to name, that we see when we are in a state of sound sleep. There are tons of theories, beliefs and even a lot of research is involved in this area of human body, basically speaking mind. Yet no one fully understands them. Dreams are a glimpse of the imaginary world which our mind creates, while our body is resting.

Unscrewing Sleep Cycle

Have you ever wondered what has made most of us, unwilling to do certain things that we planned to do? Or I would rather say being Lazy🥱 or Sleepy 😴 Or a little bit of both. This Covid situation has made each and every one of us stuck with online classes and work from home kind of great thing, but it has to most extend made us screw up our sleep cycle.