Embrace your Imperfections

The internet boom has made us believe that this world we live in, is a perfect one. Perfection has now been glorified too much thanks to social media and high-speed connections, everyone loves to glorify their lives. People keep posting pictures of their perfect house, perfect relationship, perfect job, etc. But deep down the reality is that – No one is perfect. Social connectivity has made us believe that the lives of people we follow are perfect and we have role models who regularly keep adding oil to the fire of this belief.

Yours, Honestly

Honesty sounds like a moral science class, but no! It’s a small word with a deep world within it. Honesty, as simple as I can put it is being true towards something. In the case of relationships, it’s being true to your partner in that relationship. Now, that can be any partner, be it your parent, spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend, or even friend. Honesty is a must for any great relation to stand on it. And trust me, the more honest you are, the longer you’ll be able to sustain and grow in any relationship. But most of all, you have to be 110% honest with someone, that’s you!


Relationships. They are the craziest to understand and yet most amazing to be a part of life. It’s an awesome feeling when you are in the right kind of relationship. Not just with your partner but it applies to friendships, parenthood and all other walks of life too. Each and every one of these relationships are built out of love of some kind or the other.