We all are emotional beings, nothing you do or say can ever change that. As humans, we are born out of emotions and the funny thing is, even though we are born with them, it takes years, decades, and sometimes the whole life to understand and accept them. 

Accepting Emotions
Accepting Emotions

Even I find it hard to understand and address my emotions many times. But at the end of the day, you and only you can help yourself who will be controlling your emotions. So no matter what any person says or does, in the end, it’s up to you to deal with your emotions. So, the very first step to deal with emotions is accepting them.

And hey! Emotions don’t always mean being sentimental, sad, or disappointed, nope, they are the part of the pool which is way too bigger than them. We humans, sometimes find it hard to accept even happiness or other emotions too. 

We have about 6 basic types of emotions as you can see in the image below. In order to grow emotionally, we’ve to undertake account of each and every one of them. None of the emotions is bad, the cycle of life tips off balance when either one is over-attended. Or when either one is ignored for too long a period. We’ve to maintain a proper balance of each and every single one of them.

Types of Basic Emotions | Image Courtesy: JR Bee
Types of Basic Emotions | Image Courtesy: JR Bee

When you keep your anger buried inside and trust me when it explodes and it’ll be much worse than it could have been earlier. The same goes for other emotions like fear or disgust. Also, this affects another side of the spectrum, you cannot enjoy happiness if you are angry, sad, or under fear all the time. 

I’ll be sharing a lot more in upcoming articles in the emotional being section, and we would go further deep into the state of emotional being. As of now, let’s get ready for the ride by accepting our emotions.

On this happy note, playing Suraj ki Baahon Mein from ZNMD and signing off!

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