Have you ever felt like your life is just passing by? Days after days, nights after night, just that same old monotonous life going on. You feel burned out for no reason, and lazy or slow and just want to let life pass by… that state of mental being is called “Rut”. Yes, you read it right, Rut, not rot. Now I know you have quite a few questions, seeing this new term popping up in your life, which probably has some connection to your life, or maybe is part of your life. So, here we go about with it, as we do with another person we see in life, let’s know it, judge it, and decide for ourselves what to do about it. 

What is a mental rut? 

By definition, a mental rut is a period of time where you feel listless and unmotivated. You don’t know what to do with yourself, and you don’t even feel like doing anything. You feel burned out. You are lazy all day and doing just enough tasks to make this day pass by. You leave the rest of the tasks to tomorrow and this cycle keeps going on. Is this what’s happening to you these days? Or have you ever felt this way in your life? It’s very normal and it’s okay to feel the mental rut for some time.

But if it has been too long, you need to get out of it. The temporary mental rut if prolonged will lead to depression and in some cases, it gets a bit too intense. I don’t want you to go there, no no! That’s not what we are here for. But if you are feeling like what you are going through is actual depression, I would suggest you go to someone you can talk to. Because, this little brain of yours, can definitely make you rise but can also throw you down. You have to learn to work with it, not be worked by it. So, back to our question. 

What to do about it? 

Now there are so many things you can do, to escape the mental rut. There may be thousands of more available at your disposal, but I’ll be sharing mine here. Here are some tips, below on how to escape a mental rut. But before that, there’s one crucial thing to understand. That thing is, “Hey! It’s completely normal to have a mental rut. It’s your mind’s way of conveying to you, that it’s time for a mental break!” So don’t get too much stretched about it and take a break, if you must.

My Tips on escaping Mental Rut:

  1. Catch-up on old friendships! – It’s been long time since you’ve called your old buddy, it’s about time you catch-up with them. Just send out a “Hello!” And see how the story goes ahead, or meet up if you are up for it. It’s a real mind-relief to touch-base with old friend, re-walking on the memory lanes. It does takes your mind off things and makes it bit comfortable in a peaceful zone of past. 
  2. Take a break – Sometimes, all you need is a good small vacation, take a couple of days off from your daily routine. Indulge in bit of wine and dine at some hilltop or a beach, whatever you prefer with your loved ones and friends. It really, really helps. 
  3. Twist up your routine – maybe, you aren’t in a situation of break right now. Not everyone is ready to pack up and roam all the time. So to escape the mental rut, twist it up  in your daily life a bit. Move your morning gym to evening, try twisting up your schedule a bit. Sometime even a small switch in daily schedule, makes you feel a lot better. 
  4. Try Self-Care – Get into some shopping, get a new haircut, or try the spa. Whatever self-care, you’ve been postponing it’s time to give it a shot! And why not? Sometimes, when you take care of your body, your mind takes care of itself.
  5. Be a bit impulsive – Being impulsive, has overall a bad reputation. But not all impulsive decisions, turn out to be bad. It’s more of a risky decision I agree. But sometimes, you learn a lot faster in life with risky decisions than waiting on for a secure decision to come in. For sometimes, trust your gut and go with the impulse, see what way it takes you. Let the intuition from your mind play in! It’s a fun ride trust me. 
  6. Find some new Interactions – it’s about time to find new people to interact with. I am not saying leave your friend circle or anything, no! They are your people and according to me you should never leave them at all. But there are certain people at places, where you aspire to be. Try reaching out to them on social media, or if you’ve met them once try dropping them an email. Attend the conferences or seminars of the field you are interested in. That’s the place you’ll find like-minded folks and people to learn from. Reach out to them and that conversation alone will leave you filled with ideas and philosophies of life from their POV. 

Okay, these are some of the tricks, I’ve used or will be using soon to escape my mental rut, there may be many more such tips and tricks. It’s about time to help each other escape the mental rut. Reach out to me on @the_ashiton on Instagram or Twitter and I would be happy to share your solution on escaping from mental rut to the readers of this blog via social media. Also, feel free to drop on comments here and on any of my social handles. Look, this mental rut has to be taken out before it causes permanent problems in our minds so this is the very first time I am open to conversations and discussions over this topic. It’s in the hope of connecting and helping anyone and everyone around us.

On that note, I would take a leave, and let you decide, how you would like to deal with your mental rut if you have one. Or help anyone, if you had one previously and are over it now. 



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