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Hello Netizens, welcome to the world of chaos and clutter. Today, let’s cut the small talk, ‘cause I feel this topic needs no more explanation than the title. Currently this pandemic, we are in, has thrown our little minds into a state of shock, dismay or just pure frustration. We are bombarded with lots of news from various sources, including and especially social media about the Covid condition of the country, the number of deaths, lockdowns, etc. Every other day, we get news about some of the friend’s close ones are no more or someone has lost their relatives and so on. There’s only a certain limit to what a human mind can comprehend and the rest of it, just makes our mind blow out. 

In this scenario, how would you find Peace of mind in 2021? I mean it’s too much to handle right? So, how do we deal with it? First of all, I would like to mention, every mind operates in a different fashion, what works for me, might help you or might not even work for you. So I’ll be a little diverse here and will not only share my ways but also some ways from other sources, people from my surroundings. I hope that you are ready for a bit of an extended article this time.  The very first step for achieving a mental state of peace is to be a bit open-minded and accept everything that we are facing today.

I’ve already talked about accepting emotions in my previous article, but it’s not just emotions that have brought us here. We also need to accept the current situation we are in. This pandemic has taught us to stay home and bound to a certain limit of our city and that too in restricted hours, but in all our lives, we’ve never been this packed except for the last 2 years. Each and everyone out there is working to make our condition better, but we’ve to accept that these circumstances are as new for the ones out there as they are for us. No doctor or nurse has been given a crash course on pandemic management okay? It’s taking too long I agree, but they are also as much in the same mental state as we are, in fact, I would say they are more tensed than us. So, it’s our responsibility to accept the situation as it is now and try to do our part towards its improvement. Take a deep breath, accept that these circumstances are beyond your control, but they are going to get better over some time now. 

Now that we’ve accepted it, what’s next is to be calm and think rationally. I know there are emotional falls happening all the time. You get news, someone from your friend’s family is no more or someone is moved to ICU and another one is in search of oxygen for their family. See, in this situation, you as an individual are prone to get your mind stuck on the dark side of things, which is completely normal, even I’ve done that. Or even you might end up overthinking and panic about the situation, which is also not wrong. It’s okay to overthink sometimes. But you don’t have to drown yourself, because, if you do that you are the one who’ll be needing help and you won’t be able to help your friend or anyone else. Take a few deep breaths, let the truth sink in, grieve if you must. Trust me a good wholehearted cry can help a lot. But you don’t have to drown in sorrow, you have to be strong, and damn man! You are strong. It’s just that these times aren’t that pleasing. So, it’s okay to be sad, even cry. But don’t let your mind swallow you, or go into deep thinking and panic yourself because of it. You’ve to let go of it, that’s how you’ll find peace of mind. 

Another problem, I’ve been through and have seen in a lot of people I know is that sitting indoors is frustrating and trust me it is frustrating. We, humans, are meant to be interactive, we love to be with people. Introverts or extroverts be it any type of person at least you like to spend a good time with your friends maybe just 3 friends or there’s a whole group. Or most of us enjoy that classroom chatter or office gossips floating around the campus. It’s total fun being out there and missing that fun is frustrating. I can understand you, pal, trust me I am feeling the same. See, we’re going back out there, it’s just a matter of some more patience, some more time to settle, you’ve done great waiting for about 1.5 years now, we’re on the last lap, it’s just a small distance now, now it’s not the time to frustrate. Instead, it’s about time to prepare for the upcoming season outdoors. To cheer up a little, I would suggest splurge a bit. Buy yourself something, with hope, that when you’ll go back to college/office/outdoors, and be seen wearing something special. Don’t let this pandemic take away your hope and leave you frustrated. Buy something nice, even if it’s small, but something of hope to keep the little child in you up and ready, like school, is about to reopen, vacations are over. This vacation has been too long for us and all of us want it to be over asap. And as Andy Dufresne said –

Finally, there are quite a few tips for you to stay calm and maintain your peace of mind, as I said earlier. I usually do is, go take a round of my locality on my cycle, listening to some old Bollywood music, or write out all the frustration and everything that I have in mind in my journal. Or sometimes, re-watch an old movie to get back In the game. A couple of my friends hit the gym to keep their mind in balance, that’s also something that you can try. You can even try star-gazing, it helps one of my buddies, keep his cool and he just loves it. There’s also a meditation that’s always an option. You can watch some comedy videos on YouTube or catch up with a couple of your friends over evening tea, anything that helps you keep your mind in a balanced state is what you’ve to do. 

I apologise for elongating this article, but it’s about time to take concepts like mental health and peace of mind seriously. I’ve truly ignored them for a long period of time, but it was about time to take them up, which is what I’ve realised during this pandemic. So let’s try to find our own peace of mind and once we attain it let’s strive to keep that intact. Think of it more like a video game, you’ve to first find the treasure, and then protect it from anyone who tries to touch it. It’s a really amazing thing to be happy and content with your own self, we’ll talk more about Solitude in the next article. See you soon! 

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