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Hello friend, hope you are having a chill weekend!  As I mentioned in my last article on peace of mind, we’ll talk about solitude in the upcoming one, and here we are with a bit of weekend chill and calm minds. So, let’s talk about something, which we all have experienced, knowingly or unknowingly during this pandemic, Solitude.

So what the heck is Solitude?

Solitude is the state of being with oneself. There’s a solid difference between being with oneself AND being lonely. I am not talking about loneliness. The main difference is loneliness comes from a standpoint of sorrow, or sadness. But being with oneself, or being alone, comes from a point of being at peace with oneself. It’s like saying I am okay with this person being my roomie. See, there are many ideologies here, and maybe you are right and I am wrong. Or vice-versa. Also, I am not saying you’ve to be alone forcefully or, don’t socialise, nope. What I am just saying is that you are the only person who will truly be with you till you are alive. So, why not be peaceful and happy with yourself? 

We are in the Information Age, where we are connected with everyone online 24/7, sharing texts, calls, memes, jokes, etc all the time with friends and family. Finding and meeting new people online is fun too. Streaming tv series, movies, music and a whole lot of other stuff. These all are good and fabulous things, but from a point of peace, these are just noises of the 21st century. They’ll help you pass your time whenever you are bored, but they don’t bring you satisfaction, it’s more like an addiction.

You close your Instagram, after some time, say 10/12 mins or maybe an hour, if you are working in between, you’ll open it again to see, nothing new, just similar sort of content by other people and so on. It’s fun sometimes, but that doesn’t go a long way. Someday, you’ll get bored out of it, and hunt for another such platform and the loop will reset. 

You’ve got to learn to be with yourself, being in your own skin. It is very helpful and brings a lot of growth within oneself. For example, when you’re by yourself, the choices and decisions that you make are without any outside influence. You are truly listening to your gut, your intuition. Solitude also brings out your inner creativity. There’s a reason why most artists, authors, musicians, and creative professionals require alone time to bring out their creative side. Solitude helps you in many ways, like planning your life ahead, bringing mental peace and a feeling of stability, but hey! let’s first get the hang of this called Solitude.

Time to meet yourself!

Just like you decide the time for meeting friends or family, this weekend I would suggest, take some time for yourself. Time to meet yourself. No tv series, no movies, no internet, just be with yourself for a while. Solitude helps you to know yourself. When you let out all your thoughts, with yourself first, it’s amazing to find you will be able to analyse and decide which one is best for you and what’s wrong, on your own and trust me this brings a lot and lot of clarity in life. Something that we are all looking to find every now and then. Don’t fool around saying, I am too busy and too occupied, there’s always time over the weekend, even weekday for that matter. And you aren’t doing this for anyone else, it’s for the person who will be with you for the rest of your life, YOU! 

Now with that note, I’m signing off for tonight, hope you catch up with yourself too during this weekend, I’m definitely going to do it. Let me know how it goes, if you want to, I would love to talk about it. 


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