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Hello everyone! It has been about a month we’ve just brushed up on some key aspects of life, we’ve already talked about – lifestyle, relationships and emotions. As I mentioned in my first blog, we’ll explore more topics as and when time deems fit, so here we are. It’s about time we talk about growth in terms of personality. We’ve started growing as human beings by understanding relationships, accepting emotions, etc. and there’s a lot more to be learned in those areas too.

But hey! Let’s not be bored by the same topics time and again and let’s spice it up a bit. There are dozens of topics for personality growth that we’ll be covering here in this section in the coming weeks. Now, let’s begin with today’s topic.

Every day, we face different situations in life that require us to make choices. Some straightforward as to which road to pick for work seeing the traffic. While other choices are difficult to take. Choices are in all walks of life, be it careers, social life, relationships, etc. Here’s where decision making comes into the picture. Making choices in other words is known as decision making. Our choices define us and the direction our life will head once taken.

What is decision making?

As simple terms as I can put, decision making is, weighing your options and selecting whatever fits best for you and your well-being. This process is as much hard as it sounds easy on paper. Decision making is just another life skill, that we must master the hard way. By the hard way I mean is your decisions will be based on your experience with the same or similar level of decision.

For example, while playing cricket, if you get out by running between the wickets today. Next time when you get down to bat, it’s sure that either you’ll make safe running between wickets only or you will run like hell when it’s time. Why did you choose to do either? Because of your experience from the previous match. That match’s outcome gave you 2 options for next time, maybe there are more options, but let’s take 2 for now. And now next time, you made a choice, took a decision that you will follow the first option, or the second one whatever.

I wish just like Cricket, we would get second chances at all things in life, but most of the time, that’s not possible. Maybe, it’s a one-time deal with a client, or maybe it’s a one-time project that you’ve to do or anything else. My point here being, not everything you do, will be experienced before. Some decisions which aren’t based on experience must be taken by estimation and calculating risk involved in each option available at that time. Also, as I said it’s a life skill, so there are other ways to make better choices/decisions. Below is a quick list of what all you can consider while deciding. These are some of my experiences and some are from the research I’ve done some time ago. I hope, they will help you make better choices.

Making better choices…

  1. Know the impact size of your decision – Whether the decision you’ve to make is a big one or small one in terms of impact? Does it have life changing impact like, moving to new town for a new job, or it’s very minor whether to have sandwiches or omelets for breakfast? If it’s a small decision, do not waste your time over it. It’s not that important anyways. If it’s a big one, well, let’s see how to deal with it ahead.
  2. Evaluate all the Risks – Big decisions are big because they have a certain amount of risk involved in them. You need to understand those risks, before making a choice. And even after making one, you need to remember the risk which goes with selected option, so that when time arises by then you’ll be ready to face it.
  3. Scenario management – We humans have a tendency of being too optimistic. For only the purpose of making better decisions, here’s what you need to do. List down 2 outcomes of the decision you are making, one being a mediocre outcome, not the best. The other one being the worst-case scenario. Now, you’ve to measure, whether you are happy with the conditions of mediocre or worst outcome with this option? If you are ready go for it. If not, you know what to do. Never go for best outcome ever! I am not discouraging you, but it’s better to expect a little and get more out of it, then the reverse of it.
  4. Eliminating options – Not only choosing options is a skill, the skill here is also, eliminating the options which are of no consequence to you. Let’s say it’s raining outside and you don’t have an umbrella, so going out on two-wheeler is hardly an option of commutation here, hence can be eliminated, you’ll be left with other options like taking your car out or call for a cab or reschedule if it’s not important.
  5. Don’t decide emotionally – There are certain choices which we make while in the heat of the moment, maybe in extreme happiness or sorrow. A strict advice from me would be, “Never Ever, make choices when under emotions”. It’ll be a very expensive choice and you might regret making it in the future.
  6. Stand by your Values – Now this is most important part of decision making. Some choices that are present to you are bit twisted in nature. You might have an option to choose an option that doesn’t go well with your value system. Make sure you find an alternative to that, because, as far as my experience goes. The choices made with compromise in one’s values will haunt you for a good foreseeable future.

These pointers may not help you in making your choice, but they are some things to consider while doing so. The decision-making process is just in other words, a well-calculated risk taken to get better outcomes.

Now to the regular readers, before closing off, I’ve few words to add. Since this is a growth section of the blog, I won’t be going deeper into the human side of it. But each and everything we discuss here has a human connection after all, so I’ll try to keep these, and emotional sections in sync based on content. For instance, we spoke about the decision-making process tonight, next blog will discuss the emotional side of decision-making this week. Till then, I wish you all better decisions for life! Cheers!

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