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Dreams!? Okay, now what’s there to talk about dreams? Trust me, there’s a lot! Dreams are stories, movies, tv-series or whatever you’ll like to name, that we see when we are in a state of sound sleep. There are tons of theories, beliefs and even a lot of research is involved in this area of the human body, basically speaking mind. Yet no one fully understands them. Dreams are a glimpse of the imaginary world which our mind creates, while our body is resting.

What are dreams?

Look, I know most of you have watched the masterpiece by Christoper Nolan, Inception. The way the whole team behind Inception has put forth an amazing cinema is just mind-blowing! It’s a must-watch, and I highly recommended watching it over this weekend if you already haven’t. But let’s back to the topic. Dreaming! Now the question is what makes us dream? How do we get them? Let’s get to some science behind this 2nd life which we live while asleep. As per the studies we have 5 phases of sleep out of one is Rapid Eye Moment or REM for short. What happens here exactly is during that phase our brain is highly active and thereby creating images, visuals in our mind. That’s all science you’re required to know that’s what I feel. Feel free to research more if you like.

The types

Wait, there are types of dreams too? Of course, my friend, as all of us have various emotions, we also have various types of dreams. Overall there are many variations on deciding types of dreams, depending on studies. What I’ve experienced and found during this article’s study is that there are 4 main types of dreams:

  1. Usual Dreams: These are just normal day-to-day experience-based dreams, which we easily forget and our mind moves on, without remembering them since they are part of daily life.
  2. Day Dreams: Oh! These are my favourites. These are dreams that are built on thoughts that we willingly choose to extend while taking a chill nap during the day. Mainly they are never forgotten since we choose to build upon our thoughts for them.
  3. Lucid Dreams: And here comes the Inception again. This is what the movie has described very briefly! Okay, enough for fanboy-ing. I can write a whole blog about the movie itself. But what is lucid dreaming? These are dreams wherein you are aware that you are dreaming, you know what’s happening very much conscious. In my view, it’s more like speaking with your mind in the third person. There are ways to establish this type of dreaming.
  4. Nightmares: These are scary dreams, we see our worst fears and emotions coming to us, in form of dreams. The most common factors for nightmares are fear, stress and anxiety. There may be more contributing factors but these are the main ones.

Connection with Emotions

Be it any type of dream, they are in one way or another a representation of our emotions or the emotional state we are going through in our life. When we are happy and content, we dream about good stuff like being with someone we love or dreaming about vacations and roaming in different parts of the world. When we are under stress and pressure, we get dreams of falling from somewhere or meeting an accident or any bad incident taking place with us and so on. Our mind is a wonderful interpreter. Dreams are a way of mind, dealing with real-world problems while the body is asleep and resting. Dreams and emotions go hand-in-hand. As I said earlier, there are many studies, which are being conducted on dream around the world, but no one has actually established anything monumental in terms of explaining this connection. But as we all know what’s not explainable yet, is just to be discovered by science or philosophy. Let’s hope we get something concrete soon enough. All in all, they are –

While all this stuff is fascinating to talk about, here’s a weird idea, that I am gonna follow. Reading this article, think about dreaming before sleeping and maybe, just a weird maybe, in your dreams tonight you’ll be dreaming of dreaming! Boom! Have an Inception. With that, I wish you a very good night! Catch up with you soon!

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Lavina Mulchandani · June 25, 2021 at 11:13 am

Very well-written piece!

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