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Hello friend, how have you been these days? I’ve been pretty lazy, to be honest. Scrolling through social apps like Instagram and Twitter has been kinda my jam. Swiping up reels is so fun, it’s totally time-passing thing. The thing which I realised later and started to research was, we are so much hooked to social apps these days that we don’t realise how it is affecting us mentally. I am not going through the Social Dilemma and talk about how these tech giants are making money off of our time. Nope, that’s something I’ll cover in the tech section in the coming weeks. But today I am specifically here to talk about the mental effects social networking apps have caused on this whole generation. Now, we need to do this, understand what’s holding us and get back to Real Life. I’ll be talking about 2 effects today majorly, there are more so maybe I’ll do part II of this later…

Instant Gratification

“Watermelon Sugar!”, “I don’t believe in Soulmates but…” or, “He said, ‘One day you’ll leave the world behind…'”, are you also humming these tunes while reading them like me? If yes, welcome to the world of Instant Gratification. Wait, what the heck? What’s instant gratification now? Let me walk you through this. So, gratification is the feeling of happiness or pleasure. And thanks to these social media apps, like Instagram, we are hooked on getting pleasure for our eyes and ears instantly just by clicking the app on our smartphone. Basically, gratification can be any form of pleasure, it can be food, entertainment, sex, travel, etc. Anything that pleases our mind is a part of this. Now thanks to social media, networks and the availability of the internet, we literally carry the world of information in our pockets. Along with all this information, what’s also at our fingertips is entertainment. Entertainment plays a major role in gratification, it pleases our eyes, ears, keeps our minds engaged for no reason to be specific. And these social apps, are the hub of entertainment and therefore the source of Instant Gratification.

With all that being said, I’ll tell you how this instant gratification is affecting you mentally. Our world is currently obsessed with instant fame and instant success. This is due to social media, we see only the glorious side of the story, we are seeing the successes happening overnight, and people getting famous over just a couple of posts and stories or reels. It has set our minds to believe that success is such an easy thing to have. This glam and fame have made us set up unrealistic expectations from all aspects of life. This has led to a lot of people falling for wrong things and ideas, which from the glam looks very promising but deep down, it’s a difficult road to climb. And if you aren’t thorough with your research on the matter, you are certainly setting yourself on the path of failure.

Growing Impatient

Not just the wrong mindset regarding something as important as success or fame. This instant gratification has made us very impatient in all aspects of life and day-by-day, as the tech companies keep growing, we keep on growing more and more impatient with it. Do you want anything? Go to Amazon, and boom you have your parcel in a matter of hours or a day. You want to watch something open Netflix and you can binge-watch the whole season at once, you don’t have to wait anymore. I even know people, who skip the episodes every week so that they can binge-watch them at the end, in one night. You want to get a partner, it’s as simple as a right swipe on Tinder. Need to go somewhere? Get Uber at your doorstep. Feeling Hungry? Get food from your favourite restaurant in minutes.

Each and everything that you want is available on the tips of your fingers. Now, all these even though they are amazing, and superb at their service. But they are also making us impatient and that thing affects our mentality over other aspects too. Somewhere down the lane, you feel, why am I not getting a promotion quickly? Or why my investments are growing quickly? Or why is this taking too long to build? That’s because some things like job satisfaction, or relationship building, are not available over these apps. These are slow and messy processes.

You can get a date in one day, but building a relationship with someone is a long process and it is sometimes messy that’s where your patience gets tested and due to the impatience that you have grown online. This affects your actual relationships, you are in a hurry to be the perfect couple, or you expect too much from your partner too soon. Your life can’t go along like that, these things are meant to be taking slow. I’ll like to quote Aristotle at this point for what he said about patience is something that will stay with me always.

Getting back to Real Life

Now, how do you deal with these two problems, which are gifts to our generation from Social apps? The one way which I can think of, and I do most of the time is getting engaged in actual work. Make yourself busy with work, or any other activities, so much so that, you don’t get time for these apps. Go hit the gym, meet friend face to face, go on walks, complete your work or your give time to your hobby, which you have been postponing the whole time. In short, as straight as I can put it, Go get a life! You don’t need to go through all trends on social media, unless, that’s your business, which for most of us is not. So, get some fresh air, have a good cup of tea, read a book, disconnect from the world of the internet for a while and see what life shows you in the real world, not the virtual world.

Feel free to try your own methods for detoxing from the virtual world, even I’ll be trying some and will share them with you soon enough! Stay tuned for it.

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