Hello friend! I hope you are doing good. There’s something that’s always been a part of us, but we usually don’t think much about it. Its lifestyle, a basic understanding of it. Lifestyle is a reflection of an individual’s attitude, way of life, or their view towards the world. It’s a pretty vast topic, to be honest, but today we are here to just talk about our way of life. What is actually a way of life?

Our habits or behaviours are based on the choices we take in life. Or they have been developed into our system, in our subconscious mind due to a number of experience we have had in our past till date. Our behaviours and habits collectively form our way of life. 

Consider a simple example, I know this pandemic has distorted our sleeping cycles to a lot of extend, but for now, let’s take a ride to the good old days. Every morning we wake up, get ready for school or work and there’s a set of things we do before stepping out of the house. Have a cup of tea, get your breakfast, take shower, feed the dog etc. now these are our routine habits, no one is asking us to do them neither there’s a compulsion for them. But still, we follow a set of routine in the same format as every day. After a while, these habits have become a part of ourselves. And finally, they form our way of life.

Behaviours on the other hand work very differently. Our behaviours are by default not defined by us. They are a result of our environment, our society, our upbringing, friends, and our experiences. There are innumerable other factors too that contribute to our behaviour, but that’s a story for some other day. So how are these behaviours forming our way of life? Basically, behaviour is how we respond to any situation. It’s a reaction that we take knowing or unknowingly for any circumstance we face in our day-to-day life. Our behaviours form a pattern and that’s what leads to the formation of things called personality. Let’s take a situation here to understand this better. Let’s say, you woke up in the morning, you are late for work, it’s an important day at work and you realize you’ve run out of water. What would you do? Think about your answer first then read ahead. 

Here are possibilities that I can think of:  

  1. You’ll start looking out for any other sources of water available at home as soon as you found the issue. Maybe there is stored drinking water that you can use, or maybe you can ask a neighbour for help, or rush out to the nearest grocery store to fetch some containers of water. 
  2. You’ll be frustrated at first, start cursing on your life. “Why this happens to me all the time?“

Now, this can happen to any of us, which one of the above options would you choose, given a choice. Obviously first one, right? But that is not the case always, even though now we are choosing selectively the best option while reading this article, our behaviour might go with the second option most of the time. You might not realize now, but sooner or later you would. In the heat of the moment, our choices take a backseat and we mostly react out of our general behaviour, which is what contributes to the way of life. We all know which option is going to have a better day ahead.

Behaviour and habits are some things that can be modified and re-programmed in the way we want to, all we have to do is take conscious efforts to achieve a better way of life. Updating our habits is quite a systematic process if you may, there are so many resources out there over the internet which can help you build better habits. I’ll be sharing my own tried and tested strategies over time in this category. Whereas, behaviours are not completely changeable, as they have an ingredient of experience, but still to a better extend we can update them to lead to a better lifestyle for ourselves, or I may say, better way of life. 

I’ll take a leave now and these huge ideas sink in for a while, don’t worry we are on a long journey towards a better lifestyle together and trust me it’s the journey that’s more fun than the destination, it’ll arrive sooner than you realize.  

Let’s enjoy the journey together with Safar by Arijit Singh of a cup of tea ☕️

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