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Have you ever wondered what has made most of us, unwilling to do certain things that we planned to do? Or I would rather say being Lazy🥱 or Sleepy 😴  Or a little bit of both. This Covid situation has made each and every one of us stuck with online classes and work from home kind of great thing, but it has to most extend made us screw up our sleep cycle. 

Okay, wait, what’s a Sleep Cycle?

So it’s a bit of kinda boring biological drive, I’m gonna take it in a small friendly way. Basically, we humans like every other animal on this planet, are supposed to have a sleeping schedule based on the climate around us, thereby making a 24-hour cycle. Wherein, according to this, we are designed in a way that our body needs rest, and some downtime to keep us functioning throughout the day. So, that time according to the surroundings is the nighttime for us. This downtime for our body is necessary as there are certain, I would say background processes to run, in technical terms. Or backstage preparation for the new show the next morning. 

Now, there’s another question that is popping in my head, why sleep at night and stay awake during the day and not vice-versa? This has majorly to do with the light, during the day we are used to getting natural light of the sun, which dims down during the evening and thereby settled off at night, this exposure to light at almost similar timing every day has led to settling up of the said biological cycle, where our body is deciding it’s sleeping time-based on amount of light exposure it faces. 

So the philosophy is as simple as my favourite comedian, Zakir Khan says,


Okay, now all this knowledge stuff, aside, it’s a lockdown, we don’t have to travel to work in the morning or to the school, why not stay up a little late and wake up a little late? It’s okay, there’s no hurry… my office starts at 10, I’ll be up by 9 so, I’ll sleep in by 3? These are the words that have lead to the entire screw up in the first place! Trust me, my sleeping cycle is just as bad. I mean, look at the time, of this article, it’s about 1.53 am and I am still skimming through the internet and writing this article.

It all seems fun for a couple of days in the beginning… But then what has happened in our case is, we’ve taken these phrases to our heart for too long now. And, here we are with screwed up Sleeping cycles, overthinking and analysing a lot and lots of things in our day-to-day endeavours without even thinking about the damage we are causing to our mental health. 

Oh, yeah! If you don’t trust me, Google is your friend. But there are lots and lots of mental as well as physical problems that arise due to, improper sleeping patterns. Trouble in concentration, headaches getting to you more often, mood changes, weakened immunity, and the list goes on and on. I don’t want to build upon the issues it causes, because there are too many and it’ll be quite boring to make you read biology. You can find the rest, probably even more than these online. Ideally for an adult or even teen is 7-8 hours of good sleep. The question is, what do we do, for this now? We still don’t have to go to Office or College, why wake up early. 

How do we get back on track with sleeping properly at night and re-aligning our body clock?

First of all, let me be straight with you, “This will take time to get reset properly.” It’s not a one-day thing. A couple of weeks or maybe a month is how much it’s going to take to be back on track. And now to the how? So here’s the deal, let’s take one thing, just one, which we love to do. Feel free to choose the one of your choice… Book reading, cooking, jogging, anything that you can help you wake up with a bit of excitement and enthusiasm. Make an alarm for that hobby for 30 mins in the morning before you wake up now.

I usually wake up at around 9.30, so I’m going to wake up at 9 am go cycling starting tomorrow. I bet it’s not too much to ask for, also it’s cycling, which I love to do so, why not? You, can do the same, pick up one thing that’s your hobby or something that you always wanted to do. I am pretty sure, you’ve got at least one hobby to pursue by now, after the whole year of staying indoors. 

Now, why I said months here is that, we’ll start by 30 mins, and one hobby and after every 2 weeks, we’ll add one more slot to it, then another by month-end, so on. You get the gist of it. Here’s a catch though, waking up early by 30 mins, doesn’t mean you’ll be taking power naps or lazy sleep during the day. No boss, you aren’t allowed to that. Instead, add those 30 mins to nighttime and go to bed early by that much. Trust me even though, first few days or even the first week is going to be so lazy, or grumpy, but if you hit this right, you’ll be unscrewing up your sleeping cycle. 

Finally, I am not saying sleeping over late isn’t fun! I’m sure it is, but modifying our sleeping cycle to that isn’t healthy. We are here to stay for long, then why not lavishly lead life, with a healthy lifestyle.

About time to sleep! Good night! 😴

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