Listening to Main Aisa Kyu Hoon 🎧 from Lakshya,
and appreciating myself for the person I’ve become so far.

The internet boom has made us believe that this world we live in, is a perfect one. Perfection has now been glorified too much thanks to social media and high-speed connections, everyone loves to glorify their lives. People keep posting pictures of their perfect house, perfect relationship, perfect job, etc. But deep down the reality is that – No one is perfect. Social connectivity has made us believe that the lives of people we follow are perfect and we have role models who regularly keep adding oil to the fire of this belief.

As I would love to call it, the reality, or the truth, is way too different. We all are imperfect beings. We are the beings who are living in a society, whose whole purpose should be to use the abilities of each other and overlap the flaws of each other to lead to the betterment of lives for all. But currently, that’s too far from where we are. We keep hiding our flaws from society. We don’t like to be judged by people, but we ourselves will be judgemental pricks. That’s the whole problem. We don’t realise it that easily but we are responsible enough for how we feel about people judging us. Not going deep into the mindset now, that’s for some other day. Currently, I would like to shed some light on so-called imperfection!


Imagine driving a vehicle. Now, let’s say you are supposed to drive it perfectly, but for doing that perfect driving, you’ll have to keep the brakes on. Let me know how far you can go with brakes on? Not much far before your car has a breakdown. Perfection is the brake that we put by ourselves, which otherwise can be and surely will be a smooth ride for life. Here’s when the beauty of life comes to play, once you embrace your imperfections, your silly little habits, your behaviour over certain things, or whatever you think is not perfect in you. That’s when you’ll realise, the very quality you find to be your flaw is in disguise your uniqueness! You will realise that the stupid thing you have been doing to be that perfect person if you actually have become like that person somehow, you would definitely lose your own identity. It’s your imperfection that is making you unique. It’s you who has to decide, you have to be a second someone or the first you! And remember –

Embracing Imperfections

There are a couple of options at your disposal, either you wait till you get everything perfect, which will be definitely a long long time. Or what you can do is embrace imperfections. Accepting the flaws you have, is the very first step towards your growth. You can only grow if you know where you stand today. You need to start loving yourself for who you truly are, along with your flaws, as no matter how hard you try, they are still a part of you. However, there are certain things that you can do to embrace the imperfections that are within you and move forward with using them as an advantage and not as baggage.

  1. Accepting that we are imperfect – The very first step towards embracing our flaws are to accept them. Accept that they are part of you. Start loving your flaws, for they are the reason you are very different from everyone around you. Accept whatever is bothering you and try to dig deep into why that flaw exist, is there some reason for it? Or how you think it is a flaw? You need to understand the flaw first, before discrediting it based on how other people see it. You need to find your own answer in this case.
  2. Appreciate your flaws – Your flaws are your unique definition to the world. What differentiates you from others are your flaws. Leave away the mentality of “Fitting in!”. You aren’t meant to be just a copy of someone, you are meant to be the best version of you!
  3. Develop your flaws – Instead of complainting about your flaws, you can try to work on them and make them as your special talent, hell, you can even become a role-model with your flaw. Or build on the qualities you own instead of counting the flaws that you have. There are singers who are blind, but are amazing in their voice. Did they succum to their flaw? No right? You can do the same too.
  4. Do not compare yourself – This is the first and foremost reason you decide that the other person is good and you are flawed. You both were not born under the same house, same parents, same date or same circumstances. So why do you want to compare with someone who is different than you. Stop comparing yourself with others and love yourself for who you are. That’s what you need to do right away. That’s what makes life interesting.

These are some of my opinions, lastly, I would like to add something. Listen up very carefully, it’s only and only for you. You are a beautiful and smart person and there are people who are looking up to you for inspiration. You don’t even know, how many people you inspire? Now that I’ve told you the truth, that there are people looking for you to inspire them. It’s your duty to make them feel proud that they are being inspired by you! Leave an amazing mark on them. Cheers!

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Freebies · October 14, 2021 at 7:43 pm

WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share..more wait .. ?

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