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Hello hello! What’s going on you a good friend? I hope you are more cheerful after reading this than you were before. Relationships, amongst all other walks of life, I would say they are the trickiest ones. Wouldn’t you agree? As we spoke about first loving yourself last time. Tonight, I’ve got some simple yet crazy important stuff to discuss with you in terms of a relationship. Honesty. 

So what about honesty?

Honesty sounds like a moral science class, but no! It’s a small word with a deep world within it. Honesty, as simple as I can put it is being true towards something. In the case of relationships, it’s being true to your partner in that relationship. Now, that can be any partner, be it your parent, spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend, or even friend. Honesty is a must for any great relation to stand on it. And trust me, the more honest you are, the longer you’ll be able to sustain and grow in any relationship. But most of all, you have to be 110% honest with someone, that’s you! 

Your whole world begins with you. If you aren’t part of it, it’s not your world, it’s someone else’s. So since you are the one in your story, the most honesty you’ve got to show is towards yourself. We all have flaws, even me. Trust me, I have started to be honest with myself, like about five-six months ago. And I hope you will start it today. Because you know what? It’s okay, to be flawed, you don’t have to hide it from yourself. The only way you’ll improve on your flaws is by firstly being honest and accepting them. 

The reason why most people don’t be honest with themselves, if because they are afraid, scared about the reaction of people around them, including their loved ones. Afraid, that what would they think of me? What if they hate me? What if they don’t understand me? Or leave me out? Listen up, it’s okay, to be afraid. But it’s not okay to let that fear of other people or even your loved ones stop you from being yourself. If you are worried about the world, don’t be because it’s more likely that the world doesn’t care about you. Sorry, but it’s the hard truth. And if you are afraid about what your loved ones would think, then the ones who truly love you, will stay with you, understand you and help you grow no matter what you do. But it’ll bring tremendous joy to them and you, maybe not in the beginning but after some time, the joy of you being honest not only with your loved ones but with yourself too. 

You have not reached your full potential yet, not unless you are honest with yourself. Once you start, you’ll be unlocking the mystery of genius that lies within your own body and mind. Honesty will take you places that your masked identity wouldn’t. The truth shall exist anyways, whether you accept it or run from it. You can pretend all you want, but that won’t change at all. So, why not accept the truth and be true to yourself? 

Being honest with yourself

Also, once you start being honest with yourself, you’ll notice how the world around you changes. You will portray the world, what you really are, the pure and true self. It’s a lot of less effort, to be honest than to be hiding in shadows. I’m not gonna tell you stories of moral science about honesty, you’ll find that anywhere. But I am here to share with you the amazing feeling you get once you embrace the truth. Every aspect of your life starts to grow with you. If you are not good at something, call it out. Accept it. Be honest with yourself. Talk to your friends, your family about it. These people always want to help you grow. They want to see you happy. And now that you are being honest, they’ll be happy to help always. 

As soon as you are honest with yourself, you’ll also realise your past mistakes. It’s okay, that was dishonest you from past now, whatever’s happened happened. But today this new you! This person is honest and from now on will stay honest, so irrespective of what the hell your life is going through right now, you’ll be able to piece yourself together and come out of that hell flying! Also, your other relationships will improve a lot once you learn to be honest with yourself. 

Life is beautiful, all you need to do is, clean your glasses first, be honest with yourself first. And then look into the bright new world that life has set out for you. I know it might sound a bit cliché but yes, it is true, “Honesty is the best policy!” 

On that note, signing off, Yours honestly! 

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